Changing how the fully sighted see the visually impaired

I worked in the videogames industry at Atari, Accolade and Mattel Toys for many years as a Senior Product Manager releasing 35 titles to the market for PC and various consoles. Many of the games I worked on were multi-million unit sellers.  Throughout my career, I also created sound effects and music for most of the titles I worked on becoming adept at Foley work and voice over production.

In 1999 at the height of my career, a car accident robbed me of my sight, leaving me with 5% low functioning vision in only one eye. With almost no vision left, I spent years learning to navigate the world again and turned to photography not only as a tool to see the world around me, but to share how I see the world. I hold degrees in Fine Art Photography, Studio Art Photography and Communications.

In 2016, I embarked on a quest to change perceptions of what can be accomplished by the visually impaired. I debuted a six-year-long body positive photographic project called Landscapes of the Body http://www.bodyscapes.photography/, and began publicly speaking about my work, my career, my art and my profound vision loss. My goal is to change how the fully sighted see the visually impaired.

My interest in public speaking began in college where I majored in communications and hosted a drive-time show on a local radio station. During my time in the games industry, I leveraged my comfort speaking in front of people when conducting countless industry-related presentations. Today, interest in my story and experiences has been humbling for me. I have had the opportunity to speak at Retro Gamer Conferences, schools, businesses, art openings and even camps for the blind and visually impaired.

I do not charge for my speaking time, rather I see it as an opportunity to share my experiences and educate the fully sighted on what the visually impaired can accomplish, and it is fun for me to talk about making video games. My presentations are suitable for all ages and are easily tailored for your audience. Just let me know if you are more interested art-centric, game-centric or vision, adaptive technology geared. I can certainly also find a balance of all the topics for general interest/inspirational speaking. 

I am located near Denver Colorado.

If you would like to contact me about a booking, please email at nedskee@tahquechi.com